Professional Tree Change

Are there any tips for getting a mortgage with Lifestyle ... All sorts of factors influence a bank’s decision making when it comes to financing small farms.
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Does a move to the country take time to adapt to?

Not if you’ve considered all the factors carefully. If you’re clear about what you want to achieve with your lifestyle change, you should be able to establish well in advance whether a tree change will unlock the lifestyle change you seek. However…
  • Your expectations must be realistic. It may take some time for you to fully exploit the benefits of your relocation
  • It’s important to extend yourself to meet the members of your new community. Joining a volunteers group like Rotary can be a great way to make new acquaintances and start building new networks
  • Adapting will take a little time so patience is a virtue
  • You need to be flexible and prepared to make changes in your normal routines. In most cases, this is what you’ll have been seeking anyway so it’s all good news
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