Professional Tree Change

How can I avoid a blue-green or general algal outbreak on... Soil erosion or runoff of sediment can help phosphorous get into your farm’s dams and streams. Once in the wate...
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I don’t want to move to the country and live in a suburban setting. I want serious lifestyle space.

You’d better be envisaging some serious self-sufficiency. Properties located outside town centres are less likely to offer modern utilities and the further they are located from telephone exchanges, the slower and less stable your internet connection may be. Your probable utilities are listed below in order of most likely to least likely…
  •     Telephone services with ADSL internet
  •     Electricity
  •     Town water
  •     Sewerage
  •     Garbage collection service
  •     Town gas
Ask a First National agent about the specifics of the locality. They’ll be able to outline the services typically available in key areas.
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