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Are there any tips for getting a mortgage with Lifestyle ... All sorts of factors influence a bank’s decision making when it comes to financing small farms.
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Is country and rural living really better for families?

Most regional areas have lower crime rates, quality infrastructure and good health care and with positive growth rates in many areas, this should only improve. You can drag your children away from computer games and engage them with sporting, social, arts and other attractions just as easily as in city areas in many cases.

If your budget restricts you to apartment living or a house with a very small garden in the city, moving to the country can introduce a raft of new ways to engage with your children and spend quality time together. You can buy large acreages in the country, usually for less than a one-bedroom CBD unit. Imagine the fun of starting your own veggie patch or building a hen house and getting some chooks.

Some regional areas even have Universities, so as children grow up and reach further education stages, they don’t have to move far away.
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