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How can I improve water quality on my farm? If you have a creek or river flowing through your property, consider restricting stock access
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How can I avoid a blue-green or general algal outbreak on my hobby farm?

Soil erosion or runoff of sediment can help phosphorous get into your farm’s dams and streams. Once in the water system, phosphorous becomes available for plant and algal growth in the right conditions.

Take care to avoid excess fertilizer getting into your water systems. Maintaining good vegetative cover helps prevent problems so stock should be moved to other pastures when cover reaches low levels.
  • Minimise the amount of time soil remains exposed to wind and water. Don’t work soil too much or too far ahead of planting
  • Use minimum cultivation techniques so you maintain soil structure, enhancing soil and water conservation
  • Avoid cultivating steep slopes
  • Use green manure crops and work them into the soil where appropriate
  • Use cover crops between crops
  • Use buffer strips of dense vegetation in steep locations to catch runoff
  • Use surface drains or diversion banks alongside dams and rivers
  • Leave natural drainage areas grassed on your hobby farm
  • Build culverts and bridges or hard crossings for stock and vehicular crossings
  • Maintain quality of stream banks with solid grass cover, trees, shrubby plants and native grasses
Exclude stock from streams with fencing, either traditional or electric.
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