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I want a solar powered home in the country. What do I nee... Solar powered homes can be just as normal as any other.
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What are some of the specifics to consider with Lifestyle Farms?

You must understand local planning guidelines concerning zoning, permitted uses, animals, land care (controlling noxious weeds & pests).

The local council will be able to answer your questions but also…
  • Make sure fences, sheds, water pumps, dams, drains, bores, irrigation, water supply, tanks, house and general infrastructure meets your needs and ascertain whether they have council approval
  • Soil and water – do they meet your required standard or need further tests?
  • Markets – will you need to transport livestock or produce to markets? Consider the distance and costs involved.
  • Weeds and pest infestations can be expensive to eradicate. Check neighbouring properties, access roads, adjoining state forests and water sources. Ask an agronomist if you have concerns.
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