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What do I need to think about if I decide to keep some livestock?

Smaller livestock breeds are popular with first time farmers because they’re easier to handle and the infrastructure is more manageable.

Consider these other factors as well…
  • How far is your intended Lifestyle Farm from Veterinary facilities?
  • If you want cattle, does the farm have cattle yards, appropriate fences, and loading ramps?
  • Will you be available when horses are foaling?
  • Will you be available when ‘bottle lambs’ need feeding?
  • Can you attend immediately to escaped cattle and repair flattened fences?
  • Animals rarely get sick at convenient times. Can you drop everything when an animal’s welfare requires your attention?
To better develop your ideas, and assure the welfare of animals, we suggest you attend one of the many small farm and field days expos that are held around the country each year. Also talk to local Vets about the local track record with the types of animals you are thinking of buying.
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