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Are there any tips for getting a mortgage with Lifestyle ... All sorts of factors influence a bank’s decision making when it comes to financing small farms.
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I don’t want to move to the country and live in a suburban setting. I want serious lifestyle space.

You’d better be envisaging some serious self-sufficiency.

Properties located outside town centres are less likely to offer modern utilities and the further they are located from telephone exchanges, the slower and less stable your internet connection may be.

Tradesmen and help are further away and you will need to be capable of doing more for yourself. Your probable utilities are listed below in order of most likely to least likely…
  • Telephone services with ADSL internet
  • Electricity
  • Town water
  • Sewerage
  • Garbage collection service
  • Town gas

In many cases, serious lifestyle space means serious work so make sure you have the physical and psychological capacity to meet the demands of land care, property maintenance, commuting to service centres, and being on your own if something goes wrong. For some, this is the perfect choice. For others, isolation and loneliness can be an issue.

Ask a First National agent about the specifics of the locality. They’ll be able to outline the services typically available in key areas so you can make an informed decision.
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