Retirement Tree Change

If I retire to the country, what costs should I keep in m... Naturally, there are costs associated with buying that country retreat - conveyancing, stamp duty and general costs o...
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Retirement Tree Change

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If I retire to the country, what are some of the longer-term considerations?

Growing older in the country is no fairy tail. It entails planning outside the norms of suburban living and resilience.
  • If your car breaks down, you need to be able to afford taxis (where available) because public transport is sometimes absent, or schedules infrequent.
  • If you stop actively pursuing social or lifestyle activities, you may find yourself under-stimulated
  • Smaller communities offer narrower social diversity. Be prepared for less contemporary viewpoints, and for a degree of racism, sexism, or homophobia
  • Access to financial services is limited
  • Medical specialists are fewer and farther between so traveling long distances to attend appointments can become a major inconvenience and, ultimately, force you to move to a major regional centre or back to a city

Is the country really as quiet, peaceful and sweet smelling as city folk believe?

Nature can be noisier than peak local traffic so don’t expect your retirement property haven to be a monastic retreat. There are also other things to consider…
  • Neighbours can be more intrusive, because they are used to closer relations than city folk and also depend more on one another for support and company
  • Sound carries further in the country than it appears to in the city so freeways, even those that are several kilometers away, can sometimes be heard
  • Farms operate all manner of machinery so be aware that enterprise continues in the country and can impinge upon your idyllic image of peace
  • Livestock makes noise, smells and attracts flies. Proximity to actively farmed land can therefore have a significant influence on your property
  • Properties near Crown Land or large, open space can be subject to noise from recreational motorbike riders
  • Nature can wake you early, avail itself of your near-perfect veggie crop, damage your fences and make itself at home, in your home! Be aware that living closer to nature means adapting to living with nature
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