Rural Weekender

How can I avoid a blue-green or general algal outbreak on... Soil erosion or runoff of sediment can help phosphorous get into your farm’s dams and streams. Once in the wate...
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How do I choose the most appropriate weekender location?

Of course, this is the BIG question. Make a list of what’s important. Ask questions like…
  • What’s important? List the things that inspire, motivate and compel your thinking
  • What you want less of in life i.e. crowds, heat/cold, high prices etc.
  • What you’d do more of when you have more time
  • Where would you feel invigorated? Describe the climate.
  • What’s within your financial reach?
  • What convenience stores and supermarkets are nearby?
  • How far away are neighbours from your rural property?
Once you’ve written your list, research the alternatives that tick most of your boxes. Choosing a local First National rural real estate agent and just ringing for a chat can be the most informative time you’ll spend.

Use our ‘find an office search’ for the nearest rural real estate agent to your area of interest.
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