Rural Weekender

Are there any tips for getting a mortgage with Lifestyle ... All sorts of factors influence a bank’s decision making when it comes to financing small farms.
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I want a solar powered weekender. What do I need to know?

Solar powered homes can be just as normal as any other. Grants are available to help offset the cost of installation but batteries and inverters are where the real costs lie. Obviously, most power consumption tends to be in the evenings, when your system isn’t producing power. This is why a home’s power storage capacity is so important.

Battery technology is rapidly improving but replacement tends to be necessary every 10 years or so. If you want to truly be off the grid, you’ll certainly need a back-up generator. This will support you during bad weather events or when technical issues disrupt your power supply.

Solar technicians are far from plentiful in regional areas and demand for their services is significant. You can therefore find that if your system breaks down, you may be without power for lengthy periods while you wait for parts or a technician.
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