Rural Weekender

Are there any tips for getting a mortgage with Lifestyle ... All sorts of factors influence a bank’s decision making when it comes to financing small farms.
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I want to buy a weekender rural property. What costs should I keep in mind?

Naturally, there are costs associated with buying that dream weekender, starting with the normal conveyancing, stamp duty and general costs of purchase (building & pest inspections). Don’t forget there’s also…
  • Council rates
  • Water rates, if the property is connected to a town water supply
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Garden and general maintenance
  • Rental management fees (if you intend renting for short holiday stays)
  • Land tax, if the property is not your principal place of residence
  • Capital gains tax
  • Insurance
  •  Weeding and abatement of acreage as part of the Country Fire Authorities across Australia
  • Fence replacement to keep out foxes, kangaroos, wild goats and pigs from your rural property
  • Insecticides and fertilizers for your farm acreage
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